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NYACOL® offers colloidal dispersions and powders for use as PET additives in the production of film, fiber and bottle resin. Some materials are supplied as ethylene glycol dispersions or powders, and are added in the polymerization process for the production of PET resin.  Recently, NYACOL® introduced its first clear fast reheat masterbatch product for PET, SN902-MB.

NYACOL® SN902 along with SN903 are clear fast reheat agents providing exceptional performance in PET bottles.  SN902 is a 50 nm dispersion of antimony tin oxide and provides a superior balance of properties in bottles. The reheat performance can be controlled over a wide range without affecting haze and color of the bottles. SN902 is approved by the FDA under FCN1437 for use up to 500 ppm in all PET bottle conditions.


NYACOL® SN902-MB is a masterbatch product for PET.  SN902-MB changes the way that PET preform makers and bottle blow molders can address their clear fast reheat requirements.  SN902-MB is added at the preform product stage and can be dosed to meet a particular reheat objective for the bottle design.  In PET film, SN902-MB can be used to improve the heating uniformity of BOPET and also to provide IR blocking and absorption in PET films.  The standard masterbatch is 1% active as the use levels are low.  We have demonstrated up to 10% active is possible and can be supplied if the application requires high loadings.  SN902-MB is FDA approved as well.

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